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About Us

Makoba is a multi-brand Pen Store that showcases branded pens, premium stationery, and accessories. As a renowned Pen Store in India, we are catering to pen needs of pen connoisseurs since 2009. Makoba’s Online pen store has been active since 2011.

Our online and stand-alone Pen stores are an epitome of luxury pens, premium stationery, men’s accessories, and corporate gifting essentials. We have an exquisite hand-picked range of Luxury Pens including all types of fountain pens, roller ball pens, ball pens, multifunction pens, pencils, Quill pens, inks and refills etc., online.

In our journey since inception, we have transitioned from a premium stationery dealer to a high-end luxury Pen retail store in India. Our focus has always been to showcase unique products to our clientele and provide them with rich buying experience.

Pens & Pencils

Luxury pen brands offer delightful writing experience using cutting edge technology. At Makoba – The pen store, we offer you the best collection of pens that give you amazing writing experience. Find your favourite, from the choicest compilation of Fountain pens, Roller ball pens, Ballpoint pens, Mechanical pens, Calligraphy pens and Quill pens. Our non-exhaustive Brands at Makoba includes all major pen brands like Montblanc, Leonardo, Montegrappa, Wahl Eversharp, Otto Hutt, Taccia, Sheaffer, Cross, Lamy pens, Waterman pens, Parker pens, Graf Von Faber Castell pens, Faber-Castell pens, Parker Premium pens, Sailor pens, Visconti Caran D Ache pens, Namiki pens, Pelikan pens, Platinum pens, Pilot pens, etc. We offer you the best online shopping experience, where you can find your choice of precision writing instruments, Inks & refills, and many more, all at one place.

Fountain Pens

Experience writing experience from the exclusive reservoir pens, also popularly known as the fountain pens. Makoba offers you the largest collection of fountain pens in India at its stores and also at its online pen store. Fountain pens are the best instruments to express your artistry, calligraphy and your expressive penmanship. Elegant fountain pens offer an aura of professional art and design. Choose from the various prestigious models of fountain pens from popular pen brands like, Leonardo, Taccia, Sailor, Platinum, Pelikan, Otto Hutt, Diplomat, Sheaffer, Cross, Lamy, Waterman, Faber-Castell, Caran D Ache, Sailor and many others. On a very recent development, we are also proud to showcase some very sophisticated Indian handmade fountain pen brands. Indian handmade fountain pens are popular world over and are much sought after by pen connoisseurs. At Makoba online pen store in India, we also specialize in Collector’s edition or Limited Edition fountain pens, Student fountain pens, Beginners fountain pens, Japanese fountain pens etc. Be a proud owner of an impressive fountain pen by choosing from some of the best brands of pens in the world, at the online pen shop, Makoba.

Ball Point Pens

Ballpoint pens are one of the most dominant and reliable writing instruments of today. It has been a popular alternative for quill and fountain pens in the modern world, which led to its ubiquitous presence. Makoba, the online pen shop offers some of the best brands of ballpoint pens. We have the largest and most popular collection of ballpoint pens from world class brands like Montblanc, Montegrappa, Visconti, Leonardo, Taccia, Ottohutt, Cleo Skribent, Caran D Ache, Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Lamy, Parker, etc. You will find all these pens at best prices in India.

Roller Ball Pens

Originally designed to combine the advantages of a ballpoint pen and the smooth effect of a fountain pen, Roller Ball pens offer you the ink gliding experience while writing. Makoba offers you some of the best Roller Ball pens from reputed brands like Montblanc, Montegrappa, Visconti, Leonardo, Taccia, Ottohutt, Cleo Skribent, Caran D Ache, Waterman, Sheaffer, Cross, Lamy, Parker, etc. and many more. These give you a smooth and easy flowing writing experience along with the convenience found in a ballpoint pen. Choose from the largest collection of remarkable brands all under one roof at Makoba, the online pen shop.


A gift becomes personal and preferred when the extra effort of personalizing it has been done. We at Makoba, take away this extra effort you need to put and make it easy to get the product personalized with your dear ones name on it. We engrave pens, men’s accessories and corporate gifts with individual names or with corporate branding for promotional purposes. Corporates look for gifts for events like, Seminars, product launches, conferences, exhibitions, team events etc. On the other hand Individuals do gifting for Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, farewell gifts, etc. We have beautifully segmented our website to help you shop easily for Gifts under 1000, Gifts under 2000, Gifts for her, Gifts for him and Engravable gifts. 


Recently, there has been an upward trend in demand for fountain pen friendly paper and notebooks. Some of the all-time, favorites brands have been Rhodia and Clairefontaine New launches in the category have been brands like Endless made with tomeo river paper and Nakabayashi from Japan.

At Makoba, we find a lot of synergy by stocking these Fountain pen friendly books for online sales as our predominant niche product has always been fountain pens.

We are glad, we have taken a lead in this segment in the Indian market and the response from pen connoisseurs in India has been tremendous.


If you are looking to buying pens online in India for your loved ones, choose from over 40+ pen brands at Makoba.com. Makoba is a premium pen store in India that has exclusive collection of pens which are luxury pens and premium branded pens. Shop online for branded pens in India and be sure to get a fine writing instrument. All luxury pens and branded pens sold on this pen website are sent with a pen warranty card. Searching for pen shops near me in Ahmedabad, Delhi and Chennai will definitely bring you to Makoba. We are one of the top 2 pen companies in India that lets you choose from over 3000 different models of pens on its online pen shop. A feather in Makoba’s hat would be its large collection of fountain pens on this online pen store.

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