Our Patents

Patents (Sealed)

  • A Composite Flexible Packing Box, (P.No. 168142).
  • A Flexible Drum Shaped Jumbo Bag (FIBCs), (P.No. 176651).
  • A Collapsible Box or Drum Type Bag, (P.No. 180691)
  • A Reusable Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, (P. No. Awaited).

Patents (Pending)

  • A Bulge Free Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container.
  • A Multi Layered Composite bag for packing materials.
  • A Flexible Bio-degradable Jumbo Bags (Jute Jumbo Bag).
  • A Flexible container for storage & transportation of Bulk materials.
  • A Process to make Energised and Flavoured Mineral Water & Packing in Stand up pouches.


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